The Penguin Counters Story . . .

I'm Ron Naveen and I hope this film inspires people to think more positively and proactively about climate change. And hopefully, inspires a whole new generation of penguin counters! Yes, I count penguins for a living! And along with my team of intrepid field biologists we really and truly believe that we can make a difference. Despite the obstacles of working in some of the world's roughest, coldest, stormiest places, we've produced unprecedented results about an entire ecosystem.

And we're already listening to the "messages" penguins are sending. Hopefully, you will too! Of the three species we study, one is doing fine in the vastly warming Antarctic Peninsula climate, while the other two are declining significantly. Examining "why" helps us understand how flexibility and adaptability in the face of climate change are key.

My Antarctic Site Inventory project is about to enter its 20th anniversary field season, and continues a passion for birds I've had since I was a kid. Ours is science in its most basic form. We're not explorers, climbers, or athletes. The weather we face is grueling. The terrain is hostile and we're only kitted out with golf-ball-sized tally-whackers and waterproof spiral notebooks. But our data has been instrumental in the formation of policies among polar scientists and the 50 member nations of the Antarctic Treaty Organization.

So we're driven by our wish to conserve Antarctica for future generations and, as you'll see in this film, framing climate discussions more positively.

Tell your friends about THE PENGUIN COUNTERS and help us spread the penguins' messages around the world!

. . . Ron Naveen